Impromptu gardening…on the late side

I do not have a green thumb and honestly, I have not tried to change that.

I am proud to say, the plants on my work desk have been alive since 2006; and at the same time, I do have to confess…my assistant lovingly tends to the aforementioned plants.

Imagine my surprise when I returned home, from a hectic day of work, and my kids wanted to “make a garden”. Garden? It was late August and way too late for a garden. And to add to that, hubby was on work travel, I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was shovel food into my mouth, do homework, get the kids ready for bed, read stories, and have a big cocktail.

Looking into those sweet faces and having my mother-in-law looking at me and waiting for my response, I enthusiastically said YES! I mean a little dirt, some water and some seeds – this would take 20 minutes max, right? Not right.

My mother-in-law grew up on a farm and knows a lot about soil, plants, crops, and all of that. Thank goodness we had some supervision.

As the kids were tilling the soil in preparation for our seeds, imagine our shock when these tiny potatoes popped up. My little guy ran in the house and said, “Grandma! There are potatoes sleeping in our dirt.”

She cracked up and reminded us she had planted a sprouting potato in that pot earlier in the spring. So, we had a bunch of little potatoes (boiled) with our dinner that night.

I sat on the deck watching my kids play with the soil, negotiate who would pour the water (and we used way too much water), and plant their seeds. They were happy and having a great time. Their laughter was infectious and I felt my hectic workday melting away as we made our late and impromptu garden.

Fast forward 2+ months…

I returned home, from work, earlier this week and my kids could barely contain their excitement as they dragged me to the back deck. There it was, our one gorgeous marigold. Our impromptu garden was blooming.

There are a few more buds that are on the brink of bursting with color and everyday our multigenerational family checks our little garden with eager anticipation, especially since we’ve moved everything inside due to the recent winter-like weather.


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