Halloween and Duck Tape go well together

Halloween is almost here. Hurrah!

My family and I are Halloween junkies, and my mother-in-law jumped right in on this spooky bandwagon when she moved in with us. We spent the last part of September and all of this month preparing.

So many pumpkins, decorations, and costume ideas, so little time.

I’m a big fan of Modern Family because of its multigenerational focus and because of the deep belly laughs the writers and characters induce. Last night’s Halloween episode was hilarious and rang true on so many levels.

I saw myself in Claire as she moved quickly around the house, directing, organizing, and checking items off her Halloween to-do list. (Yes, I can be like that…sometimes.)

Then Claire kept giving Haley the “I don’t think so look” as Haley modeled various Halloween costumes.

I sat there laughing, but thinking, “Why are the costume choices for tween/teen girls so trampy? What is going on?”

I actually clapped my hands when Claire made the “hot and young Mother Teresa” cover up.

My own daughter is 11 and so far so good with the Halloween choices.

We went through the princess stage and I’m so glad that came to an end.

Then we went through the historical character stage (e.g. Queen Isabella of Spain, Rosa Parks, and Annie Oakley – to name a few). That was fun and informative.

Now we are entering  the unique and abstract stage of Halloween costumes. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I have no complaints – at this point.

Late in September, I proudly watched my daughter sketch out various ideas for costumes. The sketches looked like something out of The Jetsons (and I had to explain WHO the Jetsons were). Then one night during dinner, she announced, “I’ve decided to make my costume out of Duck Tape. Grandma, will you help me?”

Then the process started. They were shopping, measuring, cutting, laughing, and sending picture texts to me as the project unfolded. It was awesome!

As this Halloween weekend nears, my tween Duck Tape Queen will proudly wear her couture Halloween costume, which is age appropriate, spunky, and festive. (Thank you, sweet mother-in-law!)


6 Responses to Halloween and Duck Tape go well together

  1. Good post! The Duct Tape company could use this to advertise its product. When will you provide links to projects so the rest of us can attempt these great projects.

  2. She is too cute! Love it!

  3. You mean you found cheetah duck tape!!? Love it! Plus I missed the Halloween episode of Modern Family… but just relived it…. thanks for the scene by scene description of Claire and Haley.

  4. Love the costume. Brings back lots of memories of sewing costumes for my kids who are now all college/high school age. Very creative Grandmother.

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