Mad sewing for the Mad Men finale

The blogosphere, this week, has been all a buzz about the season four finale of Mad Men. (This was my favorite – synopsis. Spoiler alert!)

Yes, I got together with my Sunday night girls’ group and yes; we watched the finale – two times in a row.

We ate too much and sipped decadent libations. It was a fabulous time!

In addition to the aforementioned girlfriend time, I also carved out some quality mother-in-law time. My mother-in-law and I worked together to sew a dress that I would wear to my Mad Men finale soiree.

I guess I should mention I approached my mother-in-law, via email, on a Thursday (3 days before the finale), about making the dress. Her response, an enthusiastic, “Sure!”

On Saturday, we took a short trip to a gorgeous little fabric shoppe. The owner was there, at 10am, in an elegant and whimsical blazer and flowing skirt. She looked like magic. She described for us her clothing room (not closet) and how being in her own fabric shoppe made her want more beautiful things. My mother-in-law and I were hanging on the owner’s every word.

I walked through the store touching everything barely keeping my squeals of delight to myself. My mother-in-law beamed with excitement as she pointed out gorgeous fabrics and pondered all the magnificent things she could create.

We were giddy and having a great time. I felt like it was 1998 again, when my mother-in-law and I were at glorious fabric shoppe in Chicago picking out fabric for my wedding dress.

Back to the present…

We selected a dreamy silk and wool fabric, by Armani, for the dress. Every time we touched it, we both sighed with enchantment.

Look at us hard at work!

Working on projects with my mother-in-law is important to me and I always try to find ways for the two of us to be together – on our own – without too many interruptions. With me working outside the home, raising a family, having my own time, and a super active social life – I have to consciously make room in my schedule to hang out with my mother-in-law.

My son telling my mother-in-law he should be allowed to use the electric scissors

It’s not a duty and it’s not contrived. Creating these opportunities allows me to learn more about my mother-in-law; to learn about her as a woman – and not only as the mother of my husband and the grandmother of my children.

During the making of this dress, my mother-in-law and I laughed about how we ran out of fabric while cutting out the pattern pieces for my wedding dress, and I didn’t freak out (openly). My mother-in-law told me about all the 60s style dresses, with cute jackets, she had made for herself.  We giggled about the reappearance of stirrup leggings and leg warmers, and how I’m still very much a leg-warmer proponent. (Well…blame it on Flashdance!)

The dress turned out gorgeous. Now I need another party to attend and soon!


7 Responses to Mad sewing for the Mad Men finale

  1. Love this post Kanesha.

  2. I love it! You look so pretty!

  3. I enjoyed this post. I would like to know all about the wedding dress. :)

  4. Great post and great project. The dress looks REALLY good.

  5. I love this post, too, and the finished product is so gorgeous!

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