Delights of multigenerational living: September 2010

Multigenerational PERK list for September 2010

Kanesha’s Nest

It seems we spent a lot of September crafting, cooking, and eating.

Our neighbors to the west of us have some great fruit trees. They also happen to be a multigenerational household. They gifted us with some nectarines.

We decided to make some nectarine and raspberry sorbet, in between playing a modified version of backgammon. We had most of the ingredients in the house with the exception of the apricot nectar.

The best thing about making the sorbet ourselves is it was allergy free for my son. Delicious!

Hubby and I had a spectacular “date night” at our daughter’s school – Back to School Night. As a thematic reward for this exhaustive, yet necessary, event (5:30pm-8:30pm), my mother-in-law made an apple cake.

We paired the apple cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Divine!

I love that my mother-in-law has her own grandmother’s recipe book!

My mother-in-law is a fantastic artist and in my opinion, pretty much knows how to make any and everything. These are a few of the items she made to sell at a local town fair.

I knew the items that did not sell might make it underneath the Christmas tree for me. Bonus!


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