The new Hawaii Five-O {mother-in-law weighs in}

My husband, his twin brother, and their older sister were born in Hawaii. My husband lived there until he was about eight-years-old and then he moved back to the mainland with his mom (my *mother-in-law) and his siblings.

During our courtship and marriage, I have been fascinated about this part of my hubby’s life. A big contribution to this fascination is the way my mother-in-law becomes all dreamy eyed and animated when she talked about her life in Hawaii.

When I found out CBS was remaking Hawaii Five-O, I had to know what my mother-in-law thought about this. She did not hesitate to share her perspective.

[Summary of the contemporary version.]

K: Did you know they were remaking Hawaii Five-O?

MIL: The question is why?????? No I didn’t.


K: OK, I have more nosey questions. How long did you live in Hawaii?

MIL:  12+ years

K: What made you decide to move there?

MIL: Too long of an answer and too involved etc.

K: [giggle] Would you ever move back?

MIL: No, unless to outer island.  Also [I] would need much more disposable income because toooooo far away from everyone. That was a reason for moving back; the age of my grandmother, [my] kids didn’t know their grandparents.  I don’t even need to visit again. Never really felt I was in the tourist role. Too many changes last time.

K: ¡Viva multigenerational living! Did you watch the original Hawaii Five-O?

MIL: Of course.  Don (the father K’s hubby) was even in a couple of episodes as an extra. We did those sessions like you-all (meaning Kanesha and her girlfriends) do the Oscars!  It was always fun trying to figure out where they were.


K:  Who were your favorite characters?

MIL:  The Hawaiian guy of course.

K: [bigger giggle] Did you ever see the original being filmed while you were living in Hawaii?

MIL: No.

K: Will you watch the remake of Hawaii Five-O?

MIL: Thinking about it.  Read the promo in Sunday’s paper.  They are doing new characters only. The names are similar to the originals.

K:  Who would you cast in the remake (which actors)?

MIL: Where would I find a better Steve M.?

Grace Park, Scott Caan, Alex O’Loughlin, and Daniel Dae Kim (Source)

K:  Understood

MIL’s overall impression

Well I watched it.  Ok they kept the name and filmed some of the same landmarks: Iolani Palace, Steve’s car, etc.  Otherwise just pretty much just another crime show with the usual increased intensity of sound and action.  Where were the Hawaiians?  Enough with the Haoles already!


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