Tantalizing fare for the month of June

I mentioned on some previous posts how this multigenerational family loves to eat and try out new recipes. We also have to make some adjustments to many recipes to support my son’s allergy avoidance diet.  Some readers asked me to post the recipes we tried out in the month of June.

I’m posting the top seven…

Click on the pdf link for the recipes: June Recipes 2010

Grilled salmon on cedar plank with wild rice. (Spinach salad with strawberries - not pictured)

Hubby made this dinner for the two of us when we had our mini-honeymoon. Divine!

Red Pepper Chicken with Noodles

It was a super hot day and my mother-in-law made this dish for the four of us (hubby was on travel). It was quick and easy and did not heat up the house too much. On this particular night, we sat in the living room and watched Jeopardy while we ate. I think I even managed to get final Jeopardy that night. Dinnertime fun!

Grilled Chicken Cobb Burgers

Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Lime and Cilantro

My daughter and I had fun making this meal together. Hubby was getting ready to leave for a two-week work trip and we wanted to do something special for  him. We often watch the Food Network and we keep track of the recipes we want to try out (yes, we make recipe lists!). We all stuffed ourselves that night because the food was so good!

Three-Grain Salad with White Beans, Tomatoes and Parmesan

I decided to make this salad after I read yet another article (this time in Fitness Magazine) that said I needed more fiber in my diet. It was delicious and tasted like REAL food (not cardboard). The fresh basil was aromatic and added the perfect flavor to this salad. The family was pleased.

Blueberry Pie

Because my son is allergic to eggs, dairy and most nuts, we try to make dishes that are “allergy-friendly” and still taste good to rest of us. My mother-in-law decided to make this pie with my son after the characters on Word World made a pie. He wore his little apron and everything.

What are you cooking this summer?


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  1. Thanks for the recipes and pictures -they are inspiring. That food doesn’t look like what I had growing up.

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