You dirty bird!

I love Real Simple magazine and their website. The tips are great, practical, and I don’t feel badly about myself when I learn something new (something that I probably should have known already).

The other day, while I was procrastinating and surfing the web, I came across  a post entitled To Rinse Chicken or Not to Rinse Chicken?

Great question! Reading that post took me back to an exchange I had with my MIL when she was cooking dinner (or supper as she calls it). She was in the kitchen chopping, measuring and creating an amazing weekday meal. I was watching her, learning some new cooking techniques, catching up on what happened with the kids that day…and I then I stopped her.

“Aren’t you gonna wash that chicken before you cook it?”

Dead silence.

akaRaff’s Guide to Making Boursin Roasted Chicken

akaRaff’s Guide to Making Boursin Roasted Chicken

I don’t remember her exact response, but no, she was not going to wash the chicken.

I wondered if this was a cultural or regional thing.

My own mother always washes any meat before she cooks it and so did my aunts. I called my mother and asked her about this meat washing etiquette and she said,

“If it’s not ground meat, then I always wash it. But now that I think about it, I guess growing up on a farm and killing our own meat is the catalyst for washing it. You’re grandmother always washed it, so I guess I’m still doing it just because.”

Well, okie dokie then.

On those rare occasions when I’m cooking, I’ll most likely wash the meat – very carefully. Does my MIL wash the meat? I don’t know and I’m not asking! I like those tasty meals every night, so I’m keeping my trap shut!

OK fellow carnivores, how do you handle your meat?  (Keep this clean people!)

Feel free to chime in about dinner vs. supper  - if you’re so inclined.


2 Responses to You dirty bird!

  1. Chicken that has been sitting on one of those pads in the plastic trays always gets washed but I don’t really wash anything else. Oh, well maybe turkey before roasting.

  2. Yes, I rinse all of my meat except for frozen chicken breasts that I put on the George Foreman. I grill those frozen.

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