A brief visit to the two-generation household…

I have gotten so used to living with my parents that every once in a while, I am reminded of the stuff that changes in our lives when they are out of town.  Last weekend was one of those weekends – they left on a Thurs and got back on a Monday afternoon. 

Do you live with in-laws or your parents, and if so, what do you get to do when they are gone that you can’t do when they are in the house?  (Besides more of the obvious… and doing it louder…)  Here is my list….

The good…

1.)    Move over!  I got to use two-thirds of the garage for four blissful days.  We have a three-car garage (remember people, sprawling Colorado with lots o’ land) and I used the middle of the two-car space.  What a luxury!  No opening the doors half-way, sliding in from one side.  Got the whole thing to myself – kids, open your doors all the way and hop in! 

2.)    Ran the washing machine day and night,…  And as a result, no dirty clothes after Sunday afternoon in our house…a true rarity.

3.)    I was alone in my house – for about 4 hours in 5 days.  First time in I don’t know how long….and I loved every second of it!  Wasn’t tempted to vacuüm in the nude, but I did watch a rerun of Law & Order at 10 am on a weekday.

4.)    I loved getting the “information download” from the kids their last week of school – while details were fresh in their minds, and sometimes included them acting out a scenario instead of my mom telling me after dinner, “have the kids tell you about….”

The bad…

5.)    I was a driving machine!  I shuttled kids to and fro school, swimming, tee-ball and the like.  Too much time in the car….

6.)    More refereeing.  I was the final arbiter in several arguments between my kids, and then I got to manage the arguments that I would have typically heard when I got home after work.  BOOO!

7.)    Less sleep – my son woke us up when he woke up – about 6:15 am – usually hubby and I get a reprieve because he wanders downstairs to hang out with my dad – but not this weekend.  End result – more coffee.


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